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Video Refereeing

Technology has come to improve sports, competitiveness, and of course, to help consolidate a fair play. In many cases, human mistakes when arbitrating can change the result of a game, causing a negative and a discomfort feeling to the fans of the team or the player involved.

Our video arbitration service for national and international sports events allows you to solve these issues. Our product has been certified by the International Fencing Federation, in addition to our large experience participating in international events on several continents.

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Web Development for Sport Events

We live in a world of online information and every day we strive for more live information, which is why we want to promote what we offer. Figures, statistics, results and disseminating information are critical for a sports fan.

Our web development is focused on offering users this personalized experience and on providing the content they actually want to see on a website, as well as providing a website that actually contributes to this new world of online information.

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Video Streaming

Sports is an emotion we all want to see and feel closely. In many cases, sports fans do not get the chance to watch their favorite athletes performing live nor deferred.

At Sportech 37, we make this possible by broadcasting sports events online and by allowing anyone to stream them anywhere, on any device.

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III Interclub Championship - Esgrima de las Americas

August 27 to September 3, 2016 Ponce, Puerto Rico

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Pan-American Children and Veterans Fencing Championship

August 22 - 26, 2016 Ponce, Puerto Rico


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About Us

Sportech 37 mission is to improve visibility and competitiveness for all kind of sports throughout better instant data and connectivity.

We design products and services to broadcast sports on the Internet using cutting-edge information technologies.

And we offer technological solutions for online media coverage and instant results display.

Besides, we help develop sport event sponsorship by connecting sport and business players together.


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